Police officer Ronil Singh’s wife, infant son and K-9 escorted.

Blue ribbons lined the main street of downtown Newman, California, the city where Ronil “Ron” Singh served as a police corporal, and which came out in hundreds on Friday evening to mourn the slain officer

Singh was shot and killed by a man during a traffic stop on Wednesday morning. Police arrested 33-year-old Gustavo Arriaga on Friday morning for the killing.

The city poured into the downtown Plaza Square to remember the seven-year veteran of the Newman Police Department, holding lit candles as his wife, 5-month-old son and his K-9 Sam were escorted in by police.

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It was the stories from people in the community – like Tracey Taylor – that brought most to tears.

Her story was about the tragic 911 call that Corporal Singh responded to at her home.

“About 4 month ago, our daughter committed suicide and your husband was the first one at out home… I know how hard it was for him to get through what he had to see and I don’t think if it was for him we wouldn’t gotten through that time,” she said.

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But through the piercing heartbreak, there were moments of laughter as Corporal Singh’s coworkers shared the fun side of the seven-year veteran on the force.

“He would purposely drive by my house since I lived down the street from him, just to scare my wife, and then he would text her and start laughing and say, ‘Did I scare you?'” one co-worker said.

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That humor was also coupled with kindness, something his Sergeant witnessed firsthand — after Singh learned he had never flown on a plane and taken a vacation.

“Without hesitation and without asking for anything, he literally threw his credit card on my desk and told me to book one. That was the embodiment of Ronil Singh,” he said.


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